Investment Promotion in Jordan: Building on the Georgian Experience


On September 17-21, Enterprise Georgia’s Mikheil Khidureli (CEO) and Tornike Zirakishvili (Deputy Director) provided training for Jordanian government entities responsible for attracting investment to the country as part of the USAID Economic Reform Activity.

Significantly, these entities included key governmental agencies of Jordan in charge of attracting investment, including but not limited to the Ministry of Investment; the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship; the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation; the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA); the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC); and others. These activities will help participating entities in their efforts to attract investments to Jordan.

During the visit, the Enterprise Georgia representatives placed an emphasis on the following critical areas:

  • Investment promotion organizational systems;
  • Investment promotion systems and processes;
  • Investment promotion communications;
  • Investment promotion human resources (HR) systems;
  • Showcasing successful investment promotion examples from Georgia; and
  • Strategies ensuring export excellence and successful market entry.

Enterprise Georgia is a major state body charged with having a positive impact on investment in Georgia and serves as an excellent model for Jordan to follow. Notably, during recent years USAID has been providing extensive technical assistance to Enterprise Georgia to improve its performance. Among them, PMCG has worked on the institutional strengthening of Enterprise Georgia and providing international expertise in attracting investment within USAID projects.

The USAID Economic Reform Activity supports the Government of Jordan to prioritize, implement, and sustain economic reforms that will accelerate inclusive, sustainable economic growth. The activity is helping to build a strong, stable, business-enabling environment, and strengthen the capacity of GoJ and other institutions to lay the foundation for growth through increased exports and investment. It also directly supports anchor firms to increase competitiveness domestically and internationally. PMCG, as a subcontractor of Chemonics, is contributing to the strengthening of Jordan’s economy and reform initiatives within the GoJ through the USAID Economic Reform Activity. Primarily, PMCG is engaged in activities enhancing the country’s business-enabling environment.

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