Building the Capacity of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply (MOITS) of Jordan


On July 9-13, PMCG conducted capacity-building sessions on trade negotiation for Trade Policies Directorate employees at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply (MOITS) of Jordan. Crucially, this formed part of the USAID Economic Reform Activity

In particular, a comprehensive training program was carefully designed for MOITS staff. This equipped them with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to handle modern trade agreements. Moreover, by building on a tailored needs assessment and an action plan strengthening institutional and human resources, the sessions encompassed theory and role-play exercises. Specifically, the training topics were as follows: Strategic Planning and Negotiations; Econometric Analysis & Trade Impact Assessment; Technical Barriers to Trade and Rules of Origin; Trade in Services; and Trade in Goods.

Mikheil Janelidze, Trade Sector Lead at PMCG, and trade experts Richard Pomfret, Simon Lacey, and Alexey Kravchenko delivered the program. Ultimately, participants gained in-depth understanding of negotiation theory, and advanced their knowledge of World Trade Organization (WTO) and regional trade agreement (RTA) principles. Furthermore, they acquired tactics and techniques to conduct trade negotiations. The theory and role-play components will in time enable participants to become successful negotiators. Elsewhere, the training also highlighted key challenges in trade negotiations, and how they are overcome in different contexts, sectors, and cultures.

The USAID Economic Reform Activity is supporting the Government of Jordan (GoJ) to prioritize, implement, and sustain economic reforms. The aim of doing so is to accelerate inclusive, sustainable economic growth. In addition, the Activity is helping to build a strong, stable, business-enabling environment, and strengthen the capacity of the GoJ and other institutions to lay the foundations for growth through increased exports and investment. It is also directly supporting anchor firms to increase their competitiveness domestically and internationally.

PMCG, as a subcontractor of Chemonics, is contributing to strengthening Jordan’s economy and reform initiatives within the GoJ through the USAID Economic Reform Activity. Primarily, PMCG is engaged in activities that enhance the country’s conditions for doing business.

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