Institutional Development

Individual organizations’ performance directly affects the overall development of countries in transition. However, most public as well as private institutions have not yet reached the required stage of institutional and organizational development.

PMCG works with organizations from both the public and private sectors to help them build their capacities to change and achieve greater productivity by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes. We transform inefficient bureaucracies into modern, capable, and transparent structures to efficiently enforce legislation and improve service delivery.

Institutional Development Services

    Performance Assessment and Management

    Organizational Design

    Change Management

    Human Resource Management

    Public Relations and Communication

Perceiving organizations as adaptive systems, we use systematic approaches to help them identify and analyze existing performance gaps. In so doing, we conduct analysis at organizational and process performance levels to address identified gaps and to guide the implementation of performance solutions packages.

Assessment is a significant component of our services, laying the foundation for an organization’s enhanced effectiveness. Thus, we provide Institutional Assessment, reviewing the institutional mission, goals, and outcomes as well as Performance Assessment and Management, identifying the organization’s objectives, the necessary objectives to achieve and the relevant methods and drivers therein. 

Meanwhile, Organization Design is a core service to shape the way your organization operates, to help them to pursue strategies and meet their goals, while using Strategic Planning is also undertaken to define their strategies or directions, and to advise on allocating resources to attain sought goals. Moreover, PMCG provides Business Plan Development and Business Process Modeling and Optimization services to help private companies to achieve their objectives and to advance their process workflows and procedures to ensure smooth progress. Moreover, our Quality & Regulatory Consulting services help organizations to achieve their compliance targets.

Conducting Change Management, we reform and reconfigure organizations’ processes and procedures, supporting them to transition teams and whole organizations to the desired level. We cooperate devotedly with our partners to ensure that change is owned by leadership and actively led at the highest level, while also supporting technical staff. 

Our Human Resource Management services help clients to build their entire HR function or improve performance in particular areas in order to boost their employees’ engagement and productivity. Meanwhile, we operate diligently to establish and strengthen the Public Relations and Communication function of a given organization to raise public awareness and cost effectiveness and efficiency. 

Join Our Team

We are a team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering progress.

We can handle all the challenges in institutional and organizational development as we have in-depth hands-on experience and a broad range of highly professional consultants to rely on. The work PMCG carries out has brought tangible results to the many countries in which it has worked. Furthermore, our contribution has ranged from elaborating a comprehensive business plan for the Agronavti mobile application to enhancing the strategic planning of the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan. Ultimately, PMCG adds value and the progress its interventions have brought can be evidenced by myriad beneficiaries, including the Deputy Public Defender of Georgia:  

“The USAID-supported project enabled us to improve our communication with society and relevant stakeholders. It is very important for us to understand society and vice versa, and to understand our common principles such as punctuality transparency, accessibility, proactivity, and inclusiveness. We think that the PDO’s communications strategy now has a positive impact on human rights activities in Georgia,”

said Ekaterine Skhiladze, Deputy Public Defender of Georgia.

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    Team Members

    Team Members

    Ivane Tavadze

    Practice Lead, Institutional Development
    Mr. Ivane Tavadze is a Practice Director in Institutional Development Practice Lead at PMCG. He joined the company in 2012 and has since enhanced the institutional and human capacity of various organizations from both the public and private sectors of countries in transition by assessing and analyzing their individual and institutional performance factors. Prior to … Continued

    Eka Gvinjilia

    Director, Project Management Unit, Public Policy
    Eka Gvinjilia is a Project Management Unit Director at Public Sector Department. She coordinates various donor funded projects related to the PFM, Economic Development Policy, Regional Development Policy, HRM and other spheres. In addition to this, she is involved in proposal writing and possesses good knowledge of procurement procedures of international donors. Ms. Gvinjilia has … Continued

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