Optimizing Public Procurement in Jordan


On November 25-27, DAI Global (DAI), under the USAID Public Financial Management and Administration Activity in Jordan, conducted a retreat for the General Procurement Department (GPD) aimed at revising the current strategic direction with respect to restructuring the institutional body and updating organizational chart. The retreat was held under the public expenditure management optimization component of the Activity, led by PMCG.

The strategic planning review workshop represented the first phase of GPD restructuring and building the human and institutional capacity development of the GPD that forms an integral part of the changes and reforms to be introduced and institutionalized in the GPD. 

The workshop gathered management and senior staff from the GPD and its primary stakeholders, facilitating public-private dialogue. Its participants discussed the vision and mission statements, as well as pertinent institutional values and SWOT and PESTEL analyses, with the main institutional goals identified.

The modified plan will set the strategic direction of the GPD and institutionalize the introduced technical reforms while covering procurement and inventory management based on realistic, comprehensive, and clear situational analysis.

“The workshop was a fruitful and successful activity in the process of improving communication between the external and internal stakeholders of the Government Procurement Department (GPD). The formal part of the workshop provided participants with useful tools and techniques to enhance their strategic planning, while the informal part, which included team-building activities and challenges, improved the team’s working techniques,” said Ahmad Dorgham, Consultant at PMCG.

Overall, the five-year Public Financial Management and Administration Activity in Jordan program aims to improve public financial management (PFM) through boosting the revenue-raising system, streamlining the budget management process, optimizing public expenditure management, and assisting in cross-cutting PFM reform. PMCG is also working on the optimization of public expenditure management.

Follow this link for more detailed information about the project: Public Financial Management and Administration Activity in Jordan.

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