Water Management and Wastewater Handling

We believe that modern and high-quality water infrastructure is an essential factor for achieving better living standards of the population. Clean drinking water and efficient water distribution networks greatly impact the health and well-being of the population, while water resource management and efficient irrigation systems support the development of agriculture and economic opportunities.

We work closely with donor organizations, national authorities and affected communities to ensure that the achieved results meet the international standards, national strategic goals and local needs. We support the spatial and economic development of Stepantsminda by designing environmentally friendly water supply networks, sanitation systems and wastewater treatment plants.

PMCG International contribute to the improvement of living standards in several regions of Georgia by supporting the construction of drinking water supply systems and related infrastructure.  And we increase the capacities of national government agencies to better manage water resources and achieve financial stability.

Water Management and Wastewater Handling Advisory Services

PMCG covers following areas under Water and Wastewater Sector:

  • Water supply systems and distribution networks
  • Wastewater networks and wastewater treatment Plants
  • Irrigation systems
  • Dam safety assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of environmental, health and safety, and social management system (EHSS)
  • Preparation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Build capacity of national authorities in financial, technical and commercial aspects
  • Construction supervision
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Plans

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