Clustering for Local Economic Development(C.LED)

Analyzing local strengths and building economic development on them

The MSMEs development represents an acute challenge in developing countries, while it is crucial when making the transition towards a developed economy as it serves as a key driver of both economic growth
and job creation.

At PMCG, we help businesses to connect and engage in joint actions to improve their market positioning and revenue generation, thus unleash their growth potential. Specifically, we create structural mechanisms and platforms for businesses, such as clusters to support the joint efforts of its members to boost the access to finance; advocate for the development of necessary infrastructure; enhance access to vocational education and training; promote transfer, adoption and utilization of modern and innovative technologies; more active participation of the cluster members in national private sector support programs.

While we interconnect businesses from scratch, we also work with existing clusters as well as individual private or public organizations to attract investments; hence reach their full potential. Our consultancy guides business executives to make better decisions by using our experience and networking to support companies to make the best choices when faced with both challenges and opportunities.


  • Creating business clusters with at least 15 MSME members in each cluster;
  • Enhancing capacities of cluster managers and member MSMEs;
  • Increasing investment visibility.


#1 Map existing local enterprises

#2 Conduct cluster diagnostic studies

#3 Institutionalize the business clusters

#4 Develop cluster strategies, action plans, financial sustainability plans

#5 Conduct capacity building workshops of cluster managers and cluster members on selected topics

#6 Implement support projects based on the initiatives developed by the clusters

#7 Initiate strategic partnership with similar clusters of the EU members states

#8 Organize workshops of regional and local officials on investment promotion, aftercare and advocacy

#9 Initiate strategic partnership with similar clusters of the EU members states

C.LED Team

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    Mikheil Skhiereli

    Senior Consultant, Governance, Innovation and Investment Policy

    Mr. Skhiereli has over two decades of experience in public, private, and INGO sectors, as well as 8 years’ experience in SMEs support policies and implementation, business and investment environment improvement, institutional capacity building. He has been involved in cluster diagnostic studies, Georgian SME export capacity development, creation of several Georgian clusters, both local and national. He is the Main Advisor of the Analytical Office at the Administration of the President of<br /> Georgia in business environment issues.

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    George Abashidze

    Senior Consultant, Private Sector Development

    Mr. Abashidze has over 10 years of experience in working on trade facilitation, public sector consulting, private sector development, business environment improvement, strategic business management, accounting and finance, industry analysis and research. His experience includes value chain system management and analysis, desk and field research on investment opportunities of Georgia, business sectoral and sub-sectoral analysis, facilitation of constructive public-private dialogue across key industrial sectors, researching and analyzing private sector companies and SMEs, conducting gap analysis, analyzing institutional capacity, and others.<br />

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    Sopho Basilidze

    Consultant, Researcher, Private Sector Development

    Ms. Basilidze has wide-ranging experience working on quantitative and qualitative data analysis as a researcher on a variety of policy briefs and research papers such as “Analyses of SME ecosystem and identification of SBFIC interventions aiming at the support of rural finance development in Georgia”, “Leveraging SME Finance through Value Chains in the CAREC Landlocked Economies”. She has been involved in several cluster diagnostic studies. Ms. Basilidze has amassed extensive experience in collecting and analyzing data regarding various agro-industrial clusters. She is also an author of a number of Value Chain Analysis publications.

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    Nika Kapanadze

    Consultant, Researcher, Private Sector Development

    Mr. Kapanadze has wide-ranging experience working on quantitative and qualitative data analysis as a researcher and research assistant on a variety of policy briefs and research papers. He has been involved in cluster diagnostic studies. At PMCG, Mr. Kapanadze is also responsible for quantitative parts of quarterly value chain analysis report in 5 different sectors, including e-commerce.

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