We understand the importance of tourism in the modern world, especially for developing countries, where tourism sector contributes greatly to the GDP and employs a significant proportion of the population. We believe that in order to support a strong and productive tourism sector and achieve sustainability and growth, proper tourism infrastructure and vision for development is essential.  

We work with international donors and financing institutions, main government agencies and tourism sector stakeholders from the private sector. We support them in the development of national and regional tourism development goals and strategies and help them respond to global trends and increasing demand for certain tourism products and experiences.

We have worked closely with Georgian National Tourism Administration and developed tourism marketing strategy, action plan and national brand for Georgian tourism. We have supported economic development in many regions through regional tourism strategies, branding and value chain analysis. We participated in the establishment of Destination Management Organizations (DMO) and provided capacity building to DMO personnel.

Tourism Sector Advisory Services

PMCG covers following areas under Tourism Sector:

  • Tourism Development and Marketing Strategies and Action Plans
  • Destination Management Organizations
  • Tourism Product development and value chain analysis
  • Branding and Country Image surveys
  • Promotional videos and materials
  • National and regional tourism websites and online content
  • Online Marketing Campaigns

Tourism Sector Advisory Team

Tourism Sector Advisory Team

Giorgi Khishtovani

Director. Research and Analytics

Dr. Giorgi Khishtovani is a Research Director at PMCG. He has more than 10 years of professional working experience in public, private and non-governmental sectors in Georgia and abroad. Before joining PMCG, Dr. Khishtovani worked as the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Tbilisi State University (2009-2011), as a Research Fellow at the University of Bremen (2011-2014), as the Head of Research at the Institute of Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) (2015-2016) and as the Head of Department of Grants and Programs Administration at the National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSF) (2015-2017).

Dr. Khishtovani has extensive experience as a researcher, trainer, consultant and project manager within the framework of various international projects conducted by the World Bank, the European Union, the Council of Europe, UNDP, GIZ and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Dr. Khishtovani also has a strong academic background. He holds a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Bremen (Germany). His PhD thesis covered the topic of the transformation of governance structures in Georgia between 2003 and 2012. Dr. Khishtovani also holds an LLM degree from the University of Trier (Germany), a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Trier (Germany) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Law from the Georgian Technical University. Currently, Dr. Khishtovani is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of Finance at the Business School of Ilia State University.

Mikheil Skhiereli

Senior Consultant, Governance, Innovation and Investment Policy

Mr. Skhiereli is a Project Manager at PMCG. He is responsible for coordinating, managing and developing projects and is in regular communication with international partners and experts.

In his role at PMCG, he acts as Country Programme Manager in the framework of the project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) Good Governance Fund.

Through his 20-year career to date, he has accumulated valuable experience in fields related to EU issues, investments, and international relations. Prior to joining our team, Mr. Skhiereli worked as Head of the Staff Office of European Integration Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.

Mr. Skhiereli holds a Master’s Degree in Technology Governance – Innovation Policy and Development Economics from Tallinn University of Technology, and a Master’s Degree in Economics from Tbilisi State University. He is co-author of the books “Tax Systems of Foreign States” and “What We Should Know about Taxes”.

Nika Kapanadze

Head, Private Sector Analytics Division
Mr. Kapanadze is a Researcher at PMC Research. His responsibilities include preparing and supervising preparation of periodic newsletters, collecting data for analytical publications, proposal-writing, project implementation and management, and other day-to-day activities. He is also responsible for the development of policy papers, identifying potential funding opportunities, and research and analysis of selected issues. Prior to … Continued

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