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Humans need to enhance their skills and knowledge to better perform their jobs and to flourish in an ever-changing world. However, the dissonance between capacities and systems or processes is ubiquitous. 

At PMCG, we provide Capacity Development services to prepare employees of public organizations, private organizations, and CSOs, as well as those entering the labor market with the tools and skills needed to conduct productive and high-quality work that will guarantee organizational success. While Capacity Development comprises part of our wider efforts to help employees adapt to labor market changes, it is also delivered as an independent service.

Capacity Development Services

    Training Needs Assessment


    Coaching and Mentoring

    Georgia Study Tours

Before designing trainings, it is important to determine where each individual stands in terms of their required skills and competencies to ensure maximum performance and productivity in their present and/or future work. Thus, we provide a Training Needs Assessment, which takes into account specific teams and roles to ascertain the particular competencies required to meet organizational requirements. 

Trainings are the core of our service to strengthen existing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals and teaching them new ones as well. Meanwhile, Coaching and Mentoring represent other services guiding individuals in pursuit of their goals and helping them to reach their full potential, and to develop and grow.

When it comes to the public sector, sharing knowledge from various backgrounds is essential. Therefore, we host delegations from numerous countries in transition in Georgia and organize Study Tours to share accounts of the successful reforms undertaken in Georgia and to demonstrate best practices. 

Quality delivery of such services is guaranteed by our rich hands-on experience and expansive pool of trainers, coaches, and mentors, and can also be evidenced by the achievements of our hundreds of beneficiaries through the years. While enhancing capacities of employees of different public institutions, we have also given different opportunities to the different communities. In Georgia, PMCG has delivered a training course for 250 young people from its eight municipalities on working remotely and teaching a number of e-working tools essential to telecommuting in order to advance the e-work market’s development in Georgia. The importance and quality of our work has been evidenced by many participants, including Jemal Saginadze:

“The training was a great opportunity to learn more about adapting to modern remote work and communication. We learned how to gain new skills and utilize the necessary tools and resources in order to become more productive, flexible, and adaptable to the labor market demands of our century.” 

Jemal Saginadze

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    Team Members

    Team Members

    Ivane Tavadze

    Practice Director, Institutional Capacity Building, Monitoring and Evaluation
    Mr. Ivane Tavadze is a Practice Director in Institutional Capacity Building, Monitoring and Evaluation at PMCG. He joined the company in 2012 and has since enhanced the institutional and human capacity of various organizations from both the public and private sectors of countries in transition by assessing and analyzing their individual and institutional performance factors. … Continued

    Eka Gvinjilia

    Project Management Unit Director
    Ms. Gvinjilia is the Project Manager at PMCG. She coordinates various donor funded projects related to the PFM, Economic Development Policy, Regional Development Policy, HRM and other spheres. In addition to this, she is involved in proposal writing and possesses good knowledge of procurement procedures of international donors. Ms. Gvinjilia has accumulated good experience in … Continued

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