Municipal Performance Tool (MPT)

A Digital Self M&E Tool for Local Governments to Serve Their People Better

Local governments must continuously strive to improve lives in their communities through delivering public services of the highest possible quality. With that in mind, PMCG supports local authorities to better fulfil the whole spectrum of their functions.

Measurement is key to any drive toward progress, but monitoring and evaluating municipal performance in organizational management or service delivery is notoriously challenging in countries in transition. This is because local authorities are sometimes uncooperative or lack the objective assessment indicators.

Seeking to address this problem, and learning from its diverse experience of working with local governments, PMCG has devised an innovative solution in Georgia, called Municipal Performance Tool (MPT) – a bundle of both a feasible system of monitoring and evaluating indicators for municipal performance, and a corresponding IT software.

The MPT is an efficient online management tool offering a complex set of objective indicators. It applies a precise web-based scoring scale for municipalities to follow when gauging the current level of service being provided. The product helps to set key performance indicators (KPIs) and their respective baselines, to identify performance gaps, to plan actions, and ultimately to improve policies.

Features of MPT

MPT is founded entirely on quantitative data, ensuring objectivity of the tool. Measuring against 80 indicators across the different sphere, the tool enables to deliver precise scores. Furthermore, its nature makes it easier to be compared for the same municipality by different years, as well as between municipalities.

The amount of kindergarten
teacher per 10 children
% of kindergartens with
energy efficient buildings
The average area of kindergarten
per child

Competitive Advantage

#1 Ensures that data are collected systematically and entered punctually

#2 Minimum standards for municipal services can be set

#3 The strategic and operational planning process is informed at the local level

#4 Can be used to assist in program based budgeting

#7 Publishing some data increases local government transparency and accountability

#5 Enables the automatic exchange of data between different databases

#6 Central government can observe and detect general and specific issues

MPT Team

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    Shota Murghulia

    Senior Consultant, Local Governance

    Mr. Murghulia served as a Mayor of Kutaisi, the second city of Georgia after the capital. During his career, he also took the position of Vice President at National Association of Local Authorities (NALA) of Georgia.

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    Nino Loladze

    Senior Consultant, Local Governance

    Loladze has 20 years of experience in local governance. Currently, she is an Executive Director at Regional Development Center. In parallel, she is defending her doctoral thesis at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).

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    Ivane Tavadze

    Practice Director, M&E

    Mr. Tavadze has more than 10 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and institutional capacity building for various public and private institutions.

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    Mikheil Kukava

    Senior Consultant, Public Finance Management (PFM)

    Mr. Kukava has more than 15 years of experience in Public Finance Management (PFM). He holds an MSc in Quantitative Research in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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    Elisabeth Sopromadze

    Senior Consultant, Local Governance

    Ms. Sopromadze has 20 years of experience in local governance. Currently, she is a Director at Regional Development Center. She is defending her doctoral thesis at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).

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    Giorgi Silagadze

    Senior Consultant, Information Technologies (IT)

    Mr. Silagadze has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technologies (IT). During his career, he has developed various information systems for different Georgian public institutions.

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