Operational Excellence

Streamlining and automating business processes to advance service or product delivery

Running internal processes smoothly is key to any company’s success and achieving faster outcomes with fewer problems. In this regard, PMCG uses various approaches and modern technology platforms to help businesses to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. 


    IT Development


    Procurement Systems

    Supply Chain Management

    Marketing and Sales

Going digital is inevitable for development, helps businesses make breakthroughs that seemed impossible only a few decades ago. Hence, we provide IT Development / Digitalization services to ensure lower costs in business operations, less manual work, and fewer errors, as well as providing data-informed decision-making. Implementing the ERP system is an important part of our work here. Moreover, we improve Procurement systems in companies as these represent a significant aspect of their corporate strategies for better functioning and growth. 

Meanwhile, our Supply Chain Management is for companies to improve their profit margins and is especially important for companies with large and international operations. In any organization, sales and marketing departments play a pivotal role in business success. Therefore, PMCG delivers Marketing & Sales services, bridging the gap between potential customer needs and the products and services that the organizations have to offer.


We are fortunate to have a diverse team of invaluable professionals.

We competently address all of the challenges of institutional and organizational development as we have extensive hands-on experience and an impressive body of exceptional consultants to depend on. The work PMCG carries out has already brought tangible results to the countries in which it works With its impact ranging from standardization of stock and procurement systems in a sugar company to implementing digital marketing tools for rural SMEs.