Enhancing the Public Policy Capacity of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia


We recently started collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MoESD) of Georgia, aiming to increase its capacity, as a contractor of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under its initiative “Supporting Public Administration Reform in Georgia – Phase 2” (PAR 2).

The collaboration is focused on enhancing the capacity of the MoESD through a series of capacity-building measures for effective planning and implementation of evidence-based, participatory, and accountable public policy.

In order to achieve the objectives, at the first stage we will conduct a needs assessment of the Ministry and based on the identified needs will deliver tailored trainings responding to the capacity needs of the relevant staff and provide on-the-job coaching to support them in developing relevant policy documents. We will also support the Ministry to develop an indicator bank, that will help the MoESD to monitor and evaluate policies, projects, and initiatives more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the project team will also develop internal documents on public policy-making procedures and recommendations package on the improvement of data management and analysis, as well as the enhancement of organizational and individual learning.

“The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is the key government institution with the mission to steer national economy and vital sectors such as trade, energy, tourism, SME and transport towards growth. As a catalyst of the economy, this ministry has to cope with diverse, often pressing and complex, policy issues that need effective, efficient, and equitable solutions. With well-functioning structures and processes of policy-making, and civil servants equipped with modern policy-analytic skills, this crucial institution can drive economic reform by being able to analyze, design, implement, monitor, and evaluate the economic policies that can deliver meaningful change for people and communities,” said Nodar Tangiashvili, Public Policy Senior Consultant at PMCG.

UNDP continues to support the Administration of the Government of Georgia and separate ministries through its initiative “Supporting Public Administration Reform in Georgia – Phase 2” to enhance their capacities and develop evidence-based, participatory, and effective public policies.








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