Empowering the Trade Landscape in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan


PMCG is working to help Central Asia countries design and implement policy, legal, and regulatory reforms. Crucially, the aim is to advance trade connectivity, harmonize customs and border procedures, and promote economic growth as part of USAID’s Trade Central Asia activity, led by DAI Global. PMCG’s goal is to facilitate seamless movement of goods across Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan by improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Improving Tajikistan’s institute of the Authorized Economic Operator

Notably, an important aspect of the program is furthering advancement of the authorized economic operator (AEO) institution in Tajikistan. Specifically, PMCG’s expertise is crucial in analyzing and improving the AEO scheme, heightening its potential appeal. Furthermore, PMCG is assessing the scheme from a private sector standpoint and developing recommendations. Ultimately, it is fostering a favorable business environment in Tajikistan, stimulating trade opportunities and driving economic growth.

Supporting Export Optimization and Legislative Improvements in Kazakhstan

Elsewhere, PMCG is supporting export optimization and legislative improvements in Kazakhstan. Here, by analyzing current export procedures, regulations, and practices, PMCG identifies areas for improvement. With those in mind, it also proposes comprehensive legislative changes. Vitally, these changes enhance export efficiency, reduce time and cost, and improve the business environment overall. Furthermore, through these efforts, PMCG promotes trade growth and encourages investment in Central Asia.

Building Capacities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan

Importantly, to build capacities and promote knowledge-sharing in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, PMCG organizes national and regional meetings. In addition, it arranges training courses, and events. Specifically, customs administrations, industry experts, and government officials are the main beneficiaries here. In particular, these activities focus on critical topics such as risk management, strategic management, project management, and training of trainers. Moreover, by providing innovative approaches to always-evolving international trade, PMCG equips stakeholders with necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the sector’s complexities.

Showcasing Georgia as a Success Story

At the Central Asia Trade Forum in 2022, PMCG showcased and highlighted Georgia’s achievements in combating corruption. Furthermore, it also presented its role in spearheading digitalization initiatives within the customs administration. Helpfully, the event provided a platform for PMCG to demonstrate Georgia’s commendable practices. Meanwhile, specific areas included anti-corruption measures, utilizing digital tools to minimize malicious practices, and leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline goods declarations. In addition, PMCG shared Georgia’s achievements in the digitalization of transit processes. Finally, the company also emphasized the country’s comprehensive approach to modernizing customs procedures and fostering transparency in trade.

PMCG, in association with USAID’s Trade Central Asia activity, remains committed to driving policy reforms and institutional strengthening in Central Asia. Specifically, it designs policy reforms, implements trade facilitation workplans, organizes knowledge-sharing events, supports export optimization, and mitigates trade disruptions. Accordingly, PMCG aims to optimize trade efficiency and foster a more prosperous business environment.

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