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“Best Thesis Award” – PMCG’s Initiative Supporting Highly Motivated Young People

On October 7, bachelor’s degree students to have written the best theses of 2022 at one of the leading economics institutions in Georgia – the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) – were awarded with PMCG’s scholarships.

During the event Aleksi Aleksishvili, CEO and chairman at PMCG congratulated the winners and awarded them with scholarships, while noting PMCG’s pride and gratitude about playing a small part in motivating youth to further their education by creating additional incentives and ultimately investing in the country’s future prosperity.

“At PMCG, we believe in empowering young people to help them to realize their full potential which in turn contributes to a country’s overall progress. Proper investment in their quality education and meeting their needs and aspirations are imperative for our common future,”

said Aleksishvili.

“Many thanks to PMCG. It was hugely motivating for us to participate in a competition for the best theses. This amplified the sense of responsibility to write well and also raised the challenge level. The big motivating factor was the fact that highly experienced and important people would be reading and evaluating our theses in this competition. We are especially honored and happy because the winner is chosen based on the recommendations of such people”

said Anastasia Chkhenkeli and Nana Kajaia, authors and one of the winners of the best thesis award.

PMCG understands well that knowledge is the strongest basis for effective development. We are also certain that a country’s progress depends on having highly-motivated young people. This is particularly true in the case of developing countries, where youth play a crucial role in steering them forward.

Every year since 2015, we have been implementing our scholarship programs, financing highly-motivated youth in their studies to help them to realize their full potential and preparing students for careers that dovetail with PMCG’s own values. “The Best Thesis Award” is one of many of our initiatives aimed at further motivating bachelor’s degree students at ISET by giving them an opportunity to win scholarships on the strength of their well-written theses. 

“I would like to thank my supervisor, ISET, and PMCG for giving me additional motivation to spend more time on my thesis and to put in more effort. For me, it found it very interesting to work on this thesis as I tried to choose a topic which would help me to advance in my future career,” said Nikoloz Jangisherashvili, another scholarship winner.

said Nikoloz Jangisherashvili, another scholarship winner.

The theses written by students are anonymous and evaluated by team of ISET, invited experts and PMC Research Center.

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