Spatial and Economic Development of Batumi


We, in partnership with City Institute Georgia, have just finished the first phase of a project entitled “Elaboration of Spatial Development and Development Management Documentation for Batumi City Municipality.”

The first phase of the project entailed researching indicators of urban development, restrictions of territorial development (including map and regulations) and conducting a functional diversification study.

In the course of the first phase of the project, PMCG along with PMC Research Center (PMC RC) was actively involved in the development of a spatial and general plan.  More specifically, as part of the spatial plan, we determined the main economic sectors and sub-sectors, assessed the competitiveness of economic sectors at regional level, analyzed the most competitive economic sectors, reviewed cross-border economic regions, and presented international and local experiences regarding free industrial zones.

As part of the general plan, we unveiled the most competitive economic sectors of Batumi Municipality, conducted in-depth analysis of those sectors, assessed their competitiveness in Georgia and beyond, developed SWOT analysis, presented their development prospects, and issued recommendations for their medium- and long-term development. 

“The analysis of the dynamics of the development of the main economic sectors and functional diversification of Batumi, the challenges they face, and the prospects for development will significantly contribute to the planning of the further development of the city and the creation of better conditions for the growth of the private sector,”

said Mikheil Skhiereli, Team Leader.

The project team presented a working version of a system of indicators and basic data to the Batumi Municipality City Hall, encompassing the following: legal framework; urban planning; the socioeconomic context; cultural heritage; environmental protection; mobility/transportation; and engineering infrastructure.

City Institute Georgia has already started working on the second phase of the project, which consists of the development of a vision and strategy, as well as a viability assessment. In particular, the vision outlines two strategic goals: “Development of the blue economy” and “Economic security of society” (which means the promotion of the development of small and medium-sized businesses).

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