Enhancing the Capacity of Foreign Service Personnel in Trade and Investment Attraction


At the turn of the year, Georgian diplomats successfully completed a refresher training of trainers (ToT) program on commercial diplomacy. The aim of doing so was to ensure the sustainability of the results accomplished during the initial wave of ToT undertaken through the “Diplomatic Training in Economic and Commercial Statecraft” project. The project involving PMCG and the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute, is supported by the United States Embassy in Georgia.

The ToT program, which ran from November 2023 to January 2024, consisted of a series of modules covering trade policy, export promotion, intellectual property (IP), economic analysis, negotiation skills, public speaking, communication strategies, and investment promotion. Through interactive sessions and hands-on exercises, trainers and diplomats have already incorporated the acquired knowledge and skills into their professional roles, reflecting the pronounced and enduring impact of these programs.

Ana Siashvili, Head of Foreign Investment Attraction and Export Promotion Division for the Department of International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), noted:

“The commercial diplomacy training has provided important theoretical insights and meaningful guidelines allowing me and others to successfully pursue economic diplomacy objectives. The training sessions were truly engaging, and the tutors made sure to deliver the lectures concisely and effectively. The shared materials have proven instrumental for me. Indeed, I have already used them in a workshop with Georgian diplomats and look forward to doing so again.

One of the highlights of the program was the refresher training on trade policy and export promotion, which equipped representatives of the MFA with essential tools to retrieve statistical data and devise strategies to promote exports effectively. Similarly, sessions on IP provided insights into Georgia’s stance on related matters and its engagement with international forums like the WIPO, with a focus on enhancing the country’s investment climate through the validation of EUpatents.

Moreover, the training placed a strong emphasis on economic analysis and market evaluation, empowering participants to conduct thorough economic profiling and develop compelling content for international investors.

In addition to honing technical skills, the program enhanced soft skills essential for effective diplomacy. In particular, sessions on negotiation, public speaking, and strategic communication equipped diplomats with the tools to navigate diplomatic challenges adeptly and represent Georgia’s economic interests with confidence on the global stage. The training covered diverse aspects of public relations and marketing communications, exploring historical evolution, current opportunities, and challenges. Furthermore, it delved into the details of communication strategy planning and execution. In particular, lively discussion centered on enhancing Georgia’s economic and commercial prospects through strategic communication, highlighting the key role of the diplomatic corps therein.

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