PMCG Funding Translators at the University of Oxford to Bring Georgian Literature to an International Audience 

PMCG recently funded two students at the University of Oxford to translate into English the famous Georgian book “Santa Esperanza” by best-selling author Aka Morchiladze.

Starting in January 2024, this three-year initiative is designed to promote Georgian culture to a wider international audience. In the process, PMCG is proudly providing financial support to a pair of students annually.

Vastly experienced Georgian language teacher Lia Chokoshvili is coordinating this particular project, having had great success spearheading similar translations previously.

“In 2015, I began a translation project with some of my more advanced students following a suggestion from Suzy Graham-Adriani, formerly of the National Theatre,” explained Chokoshvili, who teaches at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies at St Antony’s College.

Among the prestigious Georgian literary works to have been translated under Chokoshvili’s stewardship already are “Stories from Saba: Selected Fables from The Book of Wisdom and Lies,” and Goderdzi Chokheli’s “Human Sadness.” Additionally, the translation process for Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani’s “Journey to Europe” is currently underway.

Such efforts have been roundly endorsed by Georgian Ambassador to the UK, Sophie Katsarava MBE, who outlined: “I think that it is exceedingly important to translate Georgian literature, and to continue teaching Georgian, one of the oldest and most distinctive languages in the world, at Oxford University. The Oxford Georgian Translation Project will heighten the fame of our variegated literature and is a glowing example of how can better make Georgian heritage manifest.”

Meanwhile, revered writer Morchiladze, whose works are considered to reflect Georgian literature’s reorientation towards the West, pointed out the numerous benefits of having his and other texts translated into English.

“Translating Georgian literature into English is something that is not only remarkable, but also useful. It is fitting, and, moreover, necessary for literature to be translated,” noted Morchiladze.

Furthermore, the postmodernist author applauded the quality of the translations already completed in this cultural initiative, describing it as “a sign of the good, genuine, long-standing, and active connection between Georgia and Britain.”

The English translation of Morchiladze’s “Santa Esperanza” is expected to be completed by 2027.

PMCG’s Aleksi Aleksishvili underlined the significance of the project and the company’s pride in contributing thereto: “While PMCG is an international company these days, its roots and main office remain in Georgia, so it’s with great enthusiasm that we contribute to the translation of such wonderful Georgian books into English. By doing so, the rest of the world can fully appreciate Georgia’s great writers, and get a feel for Georgia as a country too.”

He continued: “Such endeavors help to bridge cultures, and foster peaceful, respectful, and rewarding cooperation between countries and their people. The project represents just one element of our broader CSR activities, which we take very seriously indeed, and we’re delighted to play our part.”

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