Initiating Transformation: Revolutionizing Public Procurement and Inventory Management in Jordan


On December 19, 2023, a remarkable workshop – co-sponsored by the Government of Jordan (GOJ)’s Legislation and Opinion Bureau (LOB) and USAID’s Public Financial Management and Administration Project (PFMA)- unfolded to discuss and agree on a new framework for an integrated set of guidelines
for public procurement and inventory management.

“Before the workshop, navigating the complex legal framework for procurement and inventory
management seemed like an insurmountable challenge,”

expressed Eng. Haifa Al-Bass, the Director of Engineering Affairs at the Jordanian Audit Bureau, echoing the prevailing struggle faced by many in understanding current procurement and inventory management procedures.

The workshop brought together many GOJ officials involved in public procurement and inventory management including:

  • the President of the Legislation and Opinion Bureau at the Prime Ministry,
  • the Director General of General Tenders Department,
  • the Director General of Government Procurement Department,
  • the Secretary General of the Audit Bureau,
  • the Secretary General of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, and
  • representatives of the armed forces and public security.

Their shared goal was to review the finalized General Provisions chapter of the Indicative Procedural Guidelines for implementing the intricate details of the recent public Procurement by-law No. 8 of 2022 and its respective instructions.

The workshop facilitated meaningful discussions on many issues, fostering collaboration and continuous improvement, ultimately enhancing the vision to improve the efficiency and transparency
of government procurement and inventory management, benefiting communities and the country
as a whole. Discussions focused on the Guideline’s proposed structure, the content of each of
the proposed chapters, and the development process roadmap and milestones.

By the end of the workshop agreement was reached on the content of General Provision chapter
and the guideline structure for the remaining 7 chapters. Similar workshops will be conducted
in the upcoming months as each of the remaining 7 chapters are developed.

“The knowledge gained from the workshop has revolutionized our approach to procurement
and inventory management. We are now better equipped to navigate the legal landscape and
optimize our processes, saving both time and resources.”

H.E. Samer Mdanat, Secretary General of the Audit Bureau

With the support of USAID’s PFMA, GOJ is moving forward to catalyze a transformative shift,
empowering individuals and communities to excel in procurement and inventory management,
contributing to the advancement of Jordan and its people. This workshop stands as a testament
to the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in driving positive change and progress.

The USAID Public Financial Management and Administration (PFMA) Activity is a five-year program, in which PMCG is engaged as a subcontractor of DAI Global.

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