EU for Human Rights: Mainstreaming Non-discrimination Concepts in the Legislation


PMCG, as part of an international consortium led by B&S Europe, will begin the implementation of another new EU-funded project entitled “EU for Human Rights: Mainstreaming Non-discrimination Concepts in Legislation” in North Macedonia. The project has an expected duration of one year.

The project addresses a set of problems prevalent in countries involved in the introduction of equal treatment standards in order to follow international obligations or alignment needs related to transnational integration processes. Difficulties in this regard tend to arise once a general anti-discrimination law has been introduced by the lawmaker. The same set of problems was discussed and dealt with, with different outcomes, in all EU countries following the adoption of laws transposing Directives 34 and 78/2000.

North Macedonia’s legal framework for the protection of fundamental rights is largely in line with European standards. However, the novelties in its legislation require the (re)opening of the process of harmonization of national legislation with EU acquis which should further enable functional implementation of the provisions of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination (LPPD) in the specific areas to which they should be applied.

“The project is aimed at strengthening the legal environment and reinforcing the implementation of equality and non-discriminatory principles and practices in North Macedonia. The assignment addresses a variety of aspects across all fields of law, both procedural and substantive, with special attention paid to the effectiveness and accessibility of protection tools by citizens. The focus will be on the harmonization of laws in line with Article 48 of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, and on the reinforcement of the capacities of national authorities and policymakers for prevention and protection against all forms of discrimination

said Filippo Romoli, consultant on anti-discrimination and equality (KE2 Expert) at PMCG.

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