Implementing Performance Management System for Street Cleaning and Waste Management Services


We recently finished implementing performance management system (PMS) web-application in 23 municipalities of Georgia as part of the UNDP-funded project “Development of Performance Management Systems for Street Cleaning and Waste Management Services in 23 Municipalities of Georgia,” aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of two crucial municipal services.

Before introducing the PMS web application to all of the municipalities, our consultants conducted pilot trainings to implement it in eight of them. The experience gained during piloting was analyzed and eventually a system was agreed upon to be replicated in the 15 other municipalities. 

Employees of municipal waste management organizations (NNLE) and local government representatives responsible for planning and managing waste management in the municipality benefited immensely from the trainings. Overall, 200 people from 23 municipalities attended the trainings and became acquainted with the web application.

“The training seminar was prepared at a highly professional level, and the trainees will put to good use the acquired knowledge all across their practical activities,”

said Vaso Pharstvania, Deputy Chairman of Zugdidi Municipality Cleaning Service and Waste Management Department

As a result of the project, the PMS web application will enable municipalities to better plan, manage, assess, and improve their street cleaning and waste management service provision, as well as enabling the diagnosis of problems at an early stage and, consequently, eliminating challenges in a timely manner.

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