Development of Performance Management Systems for Street Cleaning and Waste Management Services in 23 Municipalities of Georgia

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Municipal Services Development Agency (MSDA);



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The overall objective of the project is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of two main municipal services: cleaning of streets, parks, public gardens and other public areas; and municipal waste management.

The project aims to develop performance management system (PMSs) for these two municipal services to help the local authorities to better plan, manage, assess and improve service provision. The PMSs are to be piloted in eight municipalities through the Municipal Services Development Agency (MSDA). Additionally, PMSs should be replicated in a further 15 municipalities, in cooperation with the MSDA, and then a further 16 to take the total to 39.

In order to achieve the objectives of the project, the following activities are being implemented:

• A baseline study;
• Development of the performance management system (PMSs);
• PMSs’ implementation
o Pilot PMSs in 8 municipalities
o Replication of PMSs in 15 municipalities
o Assessment of PMSs’ impact on municipal service delivery; and
• Promotion of the PMSs nationwide.