Economic and Private Sector Development

The most reliable and sustainable way of improving the wellbeing of households, creating jobs, and driving economic growth is through well-balanced economic policy. When the desire to create conditions for economic growth is genuine, there is a strong political will for reforms, and we are well-positioned here to provide tried and tested methods. Governments must be able to effectively analyze and choose between various policy options. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to economic development policy, using teams of highly-qualified economists and former government officials with hands-on experience across a range of technical areas. This, combined with our proven track record of extensive experience of working in transition countries, ensures an analytical yet practical outlook.

We provide tailored solutions to our clients in the following fields: 

  • Macroeconomic policy;
  • Trade policy;
  • Doing business reform;
  • Green growth;
  • SME development;
  • Value chain analysis;
  • Cluster development;
  • Statistics;
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR); and
  • Frameworks for public-private partnership (PPP).


We acknowledge the significance of having a strong private sector and work diligently to provide relevant support in various areas through leveraging best practices and increasing operational efficiencies to ensure better overall performance of business entities. We have a proven history of working with private sector representatives – from start-ups to already-established small-, medium- and large-scale companies.

PMCG has successfully provided support to companies from various sectors of the economy in the implementation of best international practices and in the improvement of their overall export potential. Whether you are looking to improve your financial performance, or to advance your organizational strategy, or to achieve strategic goals, along with improving your operational efficiency, PMCG and its high-quality team of experts with cutting-edge solutions is the right choice for you. In addition to conventional consulting services, the highly experienced team of PMCG experts are capable of providing assistance to improve sustainable profile of companies through the elaboration of corporate social responsibility strategies.

PMCG covers the following areas under the private sector:

  • Financial consulting;
  • Management consulting;
  • Strategy consulting and business processes optimization;
  • Tax advice;
  • Sustainability
    • Energy Audit
    • CSR Practices
    • EHS and Environmental Audit;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • M&A Consulting;
  • Export Assistance Service; and
  • Digitalization
    • Elaboration of IT Architecture
    • Integration of ERP Systems.