PMCG to Support Good Governance and Economic Development in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova


We recently launched a new program entitled “Good Governance Fund (GGF),” aiming to reduce corruption, promote transparent and accountable institutions, and to build open, inclusive economies and societies in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Through this 3-year program, we will implement a series of projects oriented toward: reforming the regulation of the business environment and economic governance; conducting institutional capacity-building to develop more effective governance, public administration and management of public finances; conducting anti-corruption measures and judicial reform; modernizing key sectors (such as energy and banking) to support the transition to becoming a market-driven and modern economy and reforming state-owned enterprises; and strengthening media and civil society.

“We believe that our projects across the program’s relevant thematic areas, designed to strengthen the effectiveness of political and economic institutions, will play an important role in enhancing citizens’ quality of life in the targeted countries,” said Nino Chikvanaia, Project Manager at PMCG.

The initial Good Governance Fund (GGF), which spanned five years, was completed in 2019 and was highly successful in building stability, reducing poverty and increasing prosperity in the targeted countries. Encouraged by such positive results, the UK Government launched the second edition of the program, which is being implemented in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and North Macedonia in order to boost regional economic prosperity and political stability through enhancing government institutions and civil society.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Good Governance Fund (GGF)

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