The Parliament of Georgia has Adopted Interim Institutional Development Plan Prepared by PMCG


PMCG, with the financial support of Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), carried out a needs assessment study for institutional development of the Parliament of Georgia. The study aimed to identify and analyze the parliament’s needs, reviewing the issues, factors and problems influencing the Georgian Parliament’s institutional performance and efficiency.

As a result of the study, an interim plan of institutional development of the parliament was devised. The plan selects priorities that are possible and/or advisable for implementation within the remaining term of this parliament. They are also associated with the immediate needs of relocating the parliament from Tbilisi to Kutaisi.

The development of an interim plan, as well as implementation of the action plan will enable the parliament to reallocate its financial and administrative resources and to be used efficiently and purposefully. The plan is also intended to help attract funding for institutional development from international donor organizations.

In addition, recommendations were developed for the mid-term strategic plan of the Parliament of Georgia, which is intended for the new parliament of the next convocation. It would be advisable, if the Parliament, after moving to Kutaisi, would consider introducing these recommendations in future strategic planning.

The interim plan of institutional development serves two main strategic goals:

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the parliament – includes all of the priorities that, in the short-term, are associated with the implementation of improvements to institutional functions and the efficiency of the parliamentary administration.
  • The smooth running of the process of moving parliament to Kutaisi – includes all the tasks related to the successful implementation of the process of relocation and ensuring continuity of the parliament’s activities.

The project was supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the UK’s leading democracy-building foundation established in 1992. The Westminster Consortium Programme in the Parliament of Georgia (2009-2013) aims to design and implement a programme for parliamentary training, human resources development and management that meets the current and future needs of the Parliament of Georgia.

Short version of Interim Institutional Development Plan of the Parliament of Georgia can be found on this link.

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