George Jerenashvili

Mr. George Jerenashvili has extensive experience in public financial management (PFM) in different positions with various responsibilities. Currently, he is engaged in the 5-year USAID Local Governance Program.

Previously, George was an Institutional Development Advisor in the USAID Good Governance Initiative (GGI) project, supporting PFM reforms at all levels of the public sector and institutional oversight of the Government of Georgia.

Prior to that, he accumulated broad experience in fiscal analysis as Head of the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO). In particular, he reformed the Office into an independent fiscal institution, bringing its functions in line with international best practices and gaining the approval of international partner organizations. These functions include reporting on the periodic trends of the macro/fiscal environment, preparing independent macro/fiscal forecasts, monitoring compliance with fiscal rules, and costing/assessing the regulatory impact of specific reforms. At the State Audit Office (SAO), where George was Head of the Audit Department, he supported the reforms of the Chamber of Control of Georgia, molding it into a modern institution, introducing and establishing the performance audit (PA) practice in the SAO and developing the corresponding methodology.