Supporting the Mobilization of Resources for the Benefit of Children in Kazakhstan


We have recently started working on a new project, assisting to ensure that the efforts being made to optimize the utilization of the public budget deliver the best possible impacts for children in Kazakhstan.

In order to attain the goals, the project team will: identify and gather objective evidence on different public financial management (PFM) practices; develop country typologies that present the different options available to countries with different PFM architectures and practices; develop a robust strategic approach and set of tools which can be leveraged by UNICEF and Kazakhstan’s programs based upon the country’s typology; and develop advocacy and communication materials to support the mobilization of resources and increase the fiscal commitment to children.

“Many of the obstacles to enhancing children’s outcomes are directly traced to PFM challenges. I believe that this project, through which we will identify the different challenges and strategies to make procurement savings, will importantly contribute to an increase fiscal commitment to UNICEF,” said Giorgi Jerenashvili, Consultant at PMCG.

This project is being implemented by PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Oxford Policy Management (OPM), and is financed by UNICEF.


Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Consultancy for Policy Guidance on Reinvestment of Procurement Savings to Increase Fiscal Space for Children

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