Supporting Georgian National Communication Commission to Advance its Business Processes


PMCG has started assisting the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) to improve its business processes, under the USAID HICD 2020 Activity.

For the GNCC, it is vital to have well-structured business processes to be able to fulfil its mandate, which includes preventing monopolistic practices, establishing a transparent regulatory environment, and to promote competitive, diverse and innovative telecommunications services as well as to protect consumers’ rights.

To reach the project goal, PMCG is helping the GNCC to map up to 70 business processes and define which processes should be optimized.

As a result of this collaboration, the GNCC’s senior and middle management will be better equipped to track and manage processes and to develop an employee evaluation system and key performance indicators (KPIs). Once the processes have been revised and enhanced, employees are more likely to improve their performance.

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