Supporting Farmers in Georgia by Advancing an Electronic Platform to Market Agriproducts


We have recently started collaboration with the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA), focused on enhancing the agricultural sector in Georgia.

To achieve the objective, PMC Research is working on the development of a comprehensive business plan for the mobile application – Agronavti – which is a platform on which farmers can market their products to potential buyers. The business plan will contribute to avoid its inherent operational subsidy through the Georgian Farmers Association’s (GFA) donor-financed activities, and will raise capital to guarantee its future growth both domestically and internationally.

“Bridging intrinsic gaps between farmers and access to technology are crucial steps towards strengthening the agricultural sector in Georgia. In collaboration with the GFA, our team will develop a business plan for the Agronavti mobile application spin-off company, which will ensure the long-term sustainability of the project within the country and set the groundwork for entering markets in nearby countries,” said Mariam Berianidze, Consultant at PMC Research.

The project is being implemented by PMC Research under the USAID Zrda Activity in Georgia.



Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about:

Business Plan for Agronavti Mobile Application Spin-Off Company

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