Supporting Albania to Improve Business Regulatory Environment and Fiscal Efficiency


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Recently, PMCG launched the World Bank project in Albania, designed to facilitate the business enabling environment reform process, to improve public service delivery, business regulatory environment, and to streamline procedural and bureaucratic issues.

The project team is working towards enhancements in three main areas, namely the business enabling environment, licensing and permitting, and administration in tax and customs agencies.

Preliminary meetings with the Deputy Minister of Finance and with the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship of Albania have already been held to discuss fiscal policy administration, business enabling environment, licensing and registration issues.

The team is closely collaborating with representatives of government and all key stakeholders to analyze the existing situation and provide relevant technical assistance and recommendations to improve the economic development policy and enhance the business enabling environment.

At the same time, the project team will conduct an assessment of the legal and institutional framework of the tax and customs administrations. They will identify key stakeholders, including high level managers, middle management and key actors in the relevant agencies to conduct workshops, discussions and face-to-face interviews for information collection and analysis.

The team will review the legal and institutional framework of the National Business Center (NBC) to improve the system’s efficiency and increase performance. Via face-to-face interviews, workshops and workgroup discussions with the key stakeholders, the project team will identify the performance gaps and areas for improvement and provide recommendations to increase efficiey.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project:
Improving Deregulation and Fiscal Efficiency in Albania


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