Stakeholder Workshop – Recommendations for Enhancing Transparency of CSPA


On the 14th of March, 2013, at the Radisson hotel, in collaboration with CSPA, PMCG organized a stakeholder workshop, funded by the USAID Good Governance Georgia program (G3). The main purpose of the workshop was to obtain the stakeholders’ views, concerns and recommendations about the transparency and accountability of CSPA and its DRB.

The event was attended by representatives of business associations, the World Bank, Swiss Development Agency, media and other international organizations, while the meeting was chaired by the head of CSPA, Tato Urjumelashvili.

Recommendations made following a productive discussion were increasing the number of DRB members, division of the DRB functions according to different areas and setting a fixed financial penalty for artificial impediment of the procurement process.

According to Mr.Urjumelashvili, the procurement of the electronic system is totally transparent – everyone can see everything. After the upgrade of DRB, any person who believes there are the sufficient grounds to stop the tender, will be able to stop it by one click of a button.

In conclusion, PMCG’s workshop within the study “Enhancing transparency and accountability of the Competition and State Procurement Agency (CSPA) and its Dispute Review Board (DRB),”
was considered very informative and fruitful by all parties involved.
PMC Research Center has collected and summarized the stakeholders’ concerns and recommendations and continues to work with CSPA to improve the public outreach function.

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