Georgian Economic Climate (Q1, 2018)



 Georgian Economic Climate is a joint product of PMC Research Center and the ifo Institute for Economic Research. In this bulletin, we discuss Georgia’s economic climate as assessed by Georgian economists. PMC Research is a regional partner of the ifo Institute, one of the leading economic research institutesin Europe,specializing in applied economic research, policy advising and other services for governments, businesses, researchers and the public. 


The ifo Institute publishes the World Economic Survey (WES) on a quarterly basis, accurately presenting the current economic situation and forecasts for industrial, emerging and developing economies. 


As part of the WES, the Economic Climate Index (ECI) is also calculated based on quarterly expert 1 assessments of the current economic situation as well as expectations for the next six months. The ECI’s scale ranges from –100 points to +100 points. A score of –100 means that all experts have assessed the economic situation as deteriorating/negative, while a score of +100 means there is a consensus that the situation is improving/positive, and a score of 0 means neutral/no change.


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