Updating Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Georgia with Estonian Experience

Project Client

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;



Origin Of Funding

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

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Project Description:

PMC Research is working to introduce a new vocational education and training (VET) system in Georgia in partnership with the Tallinn School of Economics, with support from the Republic of Estonia.

The project aims to diversify and improve the VET system in Georgia to ultimately increase the attractiveness of VET among Georgian students. The project will support one of the key directions of the Four Point Reform Plan of the Government of Georgia (GoG) and address the gap between demand and supply on the local labor market, emphasized by Georgia’s VET Strategy 2013-2020, through developing a platform for strategic cooperation between Estonian and Georgian counterparts in this field.

In order to achieve the project’s objectives, PMC Research will provide the following activities:

  • Conduct a needs assessment of new VET programs in Georgia ensuring that the desirable features offered by the Estonian VET providers are replicated by reviewing the programs offered by the Tallinn School of Economics, meeting with stakeholders in Georgia, and identifying partner Georgian VET schools;
  • Contribute to sharing the Estonian experience with Georgian VETs; and
  • Design a pilot curriculum of selected Estonian VET programs.

As a result of the collaboration, in the long run, the project will tackle unemployment and contribute to local economic growth.