Supporting the Healthcare and Social Issue Committee with Expert Support to Analyze Universal Healthcare Program Spending Trends

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Tetra Tech ARD;



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PMCG, as a subcontractor of Tetra Tech ARD, is implementing USAID’s Good Governance Initiative (GGI) to support the Government of Georgia (GoG) to strengthen the overall transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of selected governance and service delivery systems. The primary objectives of the project are to bolster policy development and lawmaking processes as well as institutional oversight of the GoG.

The Healthcare and Social Issues Committee is one of the key actors in relation to the GGI, with the latter providing expert support to the Committee to evaluate the State Program on Universal Healthcare.

In the course of the project, PMCG is providing the following services:

  • Working with the Committee members to examine and analyze spending trends in the State Program on Universal Healthcare;
  • Developing evaluation matrices, including relevant charts, infographics, and visuals with brief narrative interpretations to allow the relevant staff to make simplified day-to-day analysis of the data;
  • Creating a user-friendly interface platform for the Committee with easily perceivable visuals in collaboration with a software developer; and 
  • Assisting in producing an analytical report and presenting it to the GoG together with the Committee members and staff.

The desired project outcomes include a user-friendly monitoring and evaluation platform, acknowledged to have considerable potential in aiding decision-making through the analysis of big data, as well as laying groundwork for the institutionalization of a model practice in government program assessment.