Strengthening Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara Institutional Capacity for Program Budgeting

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Ministry of Justice of Georgia;



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PMCG provided technical assistance to the Adjara Government over a nine-month period under the USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) program. The project aimed to increase the GoARA’s program budgeting capacity for all GoARA agencies including the GoARA Chairman’s administration, four line Ministries of Adjara, sub-agencies, as well as LEPLs of GoARA.

PMCG experts prepared an analytical Rreport of the GoARA program budgeting processes. The document made recommendations for improvement of the mid-term planning processes and overall program budgeting processes as well. One of the main objectives of the project was to develop a Program Budgeting Manual for GoARA, which was successfully developed and this contained such important issues as: a detailed overview of the standard program budgeting process with deadlines and responsibilities; and all necessary forms for developing a Program Budgets for GoARA agencies as well as clear instructions for utilization of the above- referenced forms.

Additionally, the PMCG team provided program budgeting training for representatives of GoARA Ministries and its agencies, that covered technical and methodological aspects of the program budgeting process, including: developing programs, monitoring of program implementation, reporting, etc.

Subsequently, programs and sub-programs of GoARA agencies for 2014 (including GoARA Chairman’s Administration, four line ministries of Adjara, sub-agencies, as well as LEPLs of GoARA) were developed. The program was discussed and agreed with the Ministry of Finance and Economy and a broad group of stakeholders.

Background information:

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Good Governance in Georgia (G3) program aims to address governance at local and national level. Since 2011, Management Systems International (MSI), implementer of the G3 program, has been working at the local level to promote more responsive, engaged and professional local governments.

The G3 program has contributed to transparency and accountability in public spending. In ten partner municipalities and cities across the country, G3 has promoted active civil society participation, raised the awareness of citizens of local government issues and promoted the improvement of service delivery as well as the functions of local government councils and executive bodies.