Research on the Economic Impact of Foreign Students in Georgia

Project Client

International Centre For Migration Policy Development (ICMPD);



Origin Of Funding

International Centre For Migration Policy Development (ICMPD);

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The research project aims to assess the impact of foreign students on both the Georgian economy in general and on the Georgian higher education system in particular. PMC Research Center will assess:


  • Total expenditures of foreign students in Georgia, and additional tourism benefits from visiting friends and families of foreign students;
  • The impact of foreign students on the Georgian labor market;
  • The financial assistance received by foreign students from Georgian institutions and the Government of Georgia;
  • The costs incurred by the Government of Georgia and Georgian universities in the development and implementation of international programs; and
  • The number of foreign students in the Georgian higher education system.

The study will employ a mixed-method research design, integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches. It will include the following methodology and activities:

  • Desk research;
  • Key informant interviews (KIIs) and focus group discussions (FGDs); and
  • An online survey.