Quality Review of the Millenium Challenge Account Monitoring Data

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Millenium Challenge Account - Moldova;



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Millenium Challenge Account - Moldova;

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Eastern Europe and Balkans;

Millenium Challenge Account Moldova (MCA-Moldova), along with the Government of Moldova, manages the MCA-Moldova Compact, which comprises two projects: the Roads Rehabilitation Project (RRP); and the Transition to Agriculture (THVA) Project. The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, established within MCA-Moldova is implementing a monitoring and evaluation plan (M&E plan) in collaboration with the MCC to conduct program performance evaluations.

PMCG, funded by MCA-Moldova, is conducting a Quality Review of Monitoring Data (QRMD) in the course of which it is responsible for reviewing the quality of  MCA-Moldova’s data at two stages: base and follow-up.

The purpose of the QRMD base review is to verify the consistency and quality of data among the program-implementing agencies and other reporting institutions.

Meanwhile, the specific objectives of data quality assessments are to conduct an audit to determine data quality and accuracy, to identify data weaknesses, and to document measures taken to improve the quality and management of data.

In the course of the review, PMCG is providing the following services:

  • Assessment of M&E systems. To identify potential challenges affecting the quality of the data, the QRMD team is designing a Reporting System Assessment Protocol for each level individually. This assessment is taking place in two stages:
  • Desk review of the documentation provided by MCA-Moldova and its contactors; and
  • Face-to-face interviews with stakeholders and on-site assessment at all reporting levels.
  • Assessment of Indicator Data. The QRMD team is designing an Indicator Data Quality Assessment Grid (IDQAG) based on five dimensions (validity, reliability, timeliness, precision, and integrity).

The collected information enables the QRMD team to formulate its base review findings.