Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for the Upgrading of Rustavi-Red Bridge and Rustavi-Sadakhlo Roads

Project Client

Roads Department of Georgia;



Origin Of Funding

World Bank;

Start Date


End Date




Project Description:


PMCG, in consortium with Sakgzametsniereba and led by Antea Netherlands B.V, under the project funded by the World Bank is providing assistance to the Roads Department of Georgia to prepare a feasibility study and a detailed engineering design for the upgrading of Rustavi-Red Bridge and Rustavi-Sadakhlo roads.

Environmental analyses, conducted by PMCG’s team will include:

  • The role of the project in the development plans at national and regional levels
  • Preservation of areas and land use of particular value having unique microclimate zones including agricultural and natural conservation areas, forests and other important natural resources, cultural and historic sites, etc.
  • Assessment of direct impact on forestry
  • Disturbance of vegetation and plans for re-vegetation and conservation of biodiversity
  • The prevention of soil erosion and sedimentation
  • The presentation of health hazards arising from ponding water and pollution of water courses and/or sources
  • Measures for the rehabilitation of sources of construction materials, borrow pits and quarries
  • Health and sanitation for the road construction labor units
  • The avoidance and reduction of visual intrusion; and
  • Assessment of the impact on demographic factors including the prevention of undesirable roadside developments, and recommended regulations and measures to limit adverse impacts on adjacent communities and areas

Resettlement activities will include:

  • Assessment of potential impact of the project
  • Socio-economic study of the project area
  • Preparation of final Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
  • Implementation of RAP

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