Organizational and Technical Capacity Assessment of CCC Network Member Civil Society Organizations

Project Client

Charity Humanitarian Centre Abkhazeti (CHCA); Kakheti Regional Development Fund (KRDF);



Origin Of Funding

European Union;

Start Date


End Date




PMC Research is conducting an organizational and technical capacity assessment of 28 member organizations of the Caucasus Caregivers’ Cooperation (CCC) Network, who work on social service provision throughout Georgia.  

The assessment is being conducted in close cooperation with Charity Humanitarian Centre Abkhazeti (CHCA) and the Kakheti Regional Development Fund (KRDF) under the European Union funded project – Partnership for Inclusive Policy Making.

In the process, PMC Research will conduct the following activities:

  • Assess existing organizational management systems, their structure and the connections between different organizational units and program directions;
  • Assess coordination, information and data exchange systems within each organization;
  • Assess each organization’s communications strategy in relation to their partners and beneficiaries;
  • Identify existing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in relation to project implementation and social service provision; and
  • Develop recommendations to assist each organizations to be more effective and efficient in reaching their organizational goals.