Optimization of Enterprise Georgia’s Business Processes

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Mendez England & Associates;



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The main objective of this project is to enhance the capacity of Enterprise Georgia, which is a legal entity of public law, operating under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. It plays a critical role in executing the GoG’s objectives and policies in promoting entrepreneurship and exports, and in the encouragement of foreign direct investments (FDI) to boost economic development.

PMCG, as part of a consortium led by Mendez England & Associates (ME&A) under the USAID Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) 2020 Activity, will undertake the following activities.

Enhance the operating procedures of Enterprise Georgia by:

  • Identifying existing and new processes;
  • Identifying and prioritizing Enterprise Georgia’s business processes;
  • Formulating goals as well as strategy and periodic action plans of Enterprise Georgia’s departments and determining target indicators for each program;
  • Documenting its core management and business support processes;
  • Optimizing and streamlining/enhancing the selected processes to ensure that the processes flow effectively and support the strategy’s implementation;
  • Creating an operating manual consolidating the existing process documentation and corporate policies; and
  • Conducting training for relevant managers and staff in reconfigured business processes, as well as their responsibilities and functions.


Deliver virtual consultancy to the Export Department managers and staff on effective mechanisms to support the private sector by:

  • Reviewing Enterprise Georgia’s export support measures and contemplated initiatives;
  • Developing overall objectives for the Export Department;
  • Accomplishing segmentation of Georgian companies;
  • Outlining its different service offers;
  • Sharing first-hand experience of international best practices and offering help in exploring/developing tools and mechanisms, relevant to the Georgian context, to assist the private sector;
  • Developing and finalizing its new export promotion services & offers;
  • Identifying the resources required for the implementation of new services;
  • Providing training/coaching sessions for relevant managers and staff of the agency on private sector support tools and mechanisms; and
  • Developing a recommendation paper on the effective enforcement of export support tools. 

Deliver virtual consultancy to the Investment Department managers and staff about FDI attraction mechanisms and tools by:

  • Studying FDI-attraction-related reports and documents;
  • Conducting trainings/workshops for Enterprise Georgia’s Investment Department on FDI attraction mechanisms and tools;
  • Sharing best practices and activities based on the best-case models applied by the top international investment promotion agencies that are relevant to the Georgian context; and
  • Developing a recommendation paper on FDI attraction mechanisms and tools.