Needs Assessment Survey for Pankisi Gorge Communities

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People in Need;



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People in Need;

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This study aims to investigate the community needs of the population in Pankisi Gorge. The corresponding survey will enable the Pankisi Community Organization to gather valid data regarding pressing issues prevalent in targeted villages and to advocate these issues at the local level.

PMC Research will work closely with the Pankisi Community Organization to elaborate a survey design and will tailor the study instrument to meet the project’s specifications. Moreover, the team of researchers will support the organization to build its capacity in implementing quantitative surveys. With this purpose in mind, PMC Research will train local interviewers on data collection and data entry techniques.  

In the course of the project, PMC Research will perform the following activities:

  • Design a representative sample covering 16 villages of Pankisi Gorge;
  • Elaborate a questionnaire;
  • Conduct training for interviewers in data collection and data entry techniques;
  • Ensure quality control of gathered data; and
  • Analyze data and prepare a final report.