Measuring the Development Effectiveness of Private Sector Operations – Poverty Assessment of Private Sector Investment Projects: Case of Credo Bank in Georgia

Project Client

Asian Development Bank (ADB);



Origin Of Funding

Asian Development Bank (ADB);

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The project aims to evaluate the extent to which recipients of loans together amounting to US$65 million, supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and facilitated through Georgia’s Credo Bank, can be classified as low-income individuals. The primary purpose of these loans is to provide on-lending to farmers and rural micro and small enterprises engaged in agricultural production, processing, and trade.

To achieve this objective, a poverty assessment report is being prepared. The report will serve as a foundational source for justifying and substantiating claims related to inclusive business practices and poverty reduction. More precisely, PMC Research is undertaking the following steps:

  • Conducting a survey in collaboration with a lead consultant, which will serve as a central source of data for the poverty assessment; and
  • Compiling and presenting a final report outlining the results of the poverty assessment.

Addressing poverty and reducing inequality are goals that align with the Asian Development Bank’s Operational Priorities, as articulated in its Strategy 2030. Furthermore, the ADB consistently highlights the essential role played by the private sector in poverty alleviation.