Kvemo Kartli Solid Waste Management Project – Project Implementation Support Services

Project Client

Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia;



Origin Of Funding


Start Date


End Date




Project Description:

The main objective of the project is to facilitate the timely and effective implementation of the project by:

  • rendering assistance to the PIU and the lead municipality in the implementation of the Project, including project and financial management systems, environmental, health and safety and social (EHSS) management systems, review of design and all aspects of contract tender, evaluation and contract supervision;
  • providing assistance in procurement of works and goods completely in accordance with the procedures, specifications and documentation of the Bank and pursuant to all other agreements stipulated in the Loan Agreement and other project agreements;
  • rendering assistance to the PIU and the lead municipality for coordination of implementation to facilitate harmonized implementation of the Project and mitigate the risk of potential delays, including approval of disbursement applications;
  • develop reporting templates and assist in the preparation of the required consolidated reports;
  • coordinate all relevant activities with the consultants selected for the project-related Corporate Development Programme and the EIA assignments.

Within the framework of the project, PMCG, as a subcontractor of HPC, will perform the following work:

  • revision of the available project design and specifications and other existing project documentation with regard to the contracts to be implemented under the Project;
  • development of technical requirements and obtaining approval by authorities;
  • preparation of tender documentation;
  • support during the procurement process;
  • support during contract administration and construction supervision;
  • support in ensuring compliance with the Loan Agreements and other agreements;
  • support the PIU to discharge the Conditions Precedent on the availability of funds;
  • monitor and support the PIU to meet all continuing, time-dependent or repeating warranties and representations;
  • preparation of disbursement requests;
  • training the PIU for the preparation of project accounts at the time and in the required form;
  • construction supervision works

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