Institutional Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Autonomous Republic of Adjara, ENPARD ADJARA

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Ministry of Agriculture of Autonomous Republic of Adjara;



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Project Description:


The objective of the project was to support the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of Autonomous Republic of Adjara to generate ministry staff opportunities by promoting human and institutional capacity development.

PMC RC conducted a needs assessment to identify gaps hindering optimal performance of the Ministry, constructed an individual approach and prioritized areas for further interventions, namely:

  • Value chain and export/import data analyses
  • Capacity building in policy planning
  • Capacity building in target program development and program budgeting
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The value chain analysis (VCA) gave an opportunity to describe sub sectors’ technical details, particularly the whole production process and high-quality products’ realization, market research and information about opportunities on domestic and international markets. In addition, VCA provided SWOT analysis of the sub sectors.

The analysis covered the following sectors:

  • Potatoes production
  • Trout production
  • Honey production
  • High-technological greenhouses for vegetables, berry crops and greens
  • High-technological and intensive cattle and poultry farms


To ensure the effectiveness of the project, PMC RC conducted training for MoA staff on VCA and export-import data analysis. The project team also used on-the-job trainings to ensure sustainability and better understanding of the VCA techniques. Subsequently, policy papers were developed in line with target programs and the program budget.

As a result, the citizens of Adjara, particularly in less developed mountainous areas, will benefit from the Ministry’s more efficient and effective fulfillment of its programs.

Background Information:

The European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) is a policy initiative, which recognizes the importance of agriculture in terms of food security, sustainable production and rural employment. The duration of the programme is five years (January 2012 – January 2016). It focuses on: setting up information and consultation centres for farmers in rural districts, helping the government in the adoption of laws promoting cooperation amongst farmers and providing rural development grants to support farmers in gaining economies of scale. The programme aims to enhance technical assistance that will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the reforms foreseen in the Agriculture Strategy Georgia, for the period 2014-2020.

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