Increasing Fundraising Capacity of McLain Association for Children, Georgia – Target of Opportunity Intervention

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Mendez England & Associates;



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The objective of the project is to enhance fundraising capacity of the McLain Association for Children (MAC) Georgia so that the organization can plan, implement, and manage the fundraising campaigns effectively with a view to making it a financially viable entity.

MAC Georgia is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, which was established with the purpose of providing support, education, and resources for vulnerable persons of all abilities while building the skills and knowledge of the families and communities that care for them.

In order to attain our goals, we will undertake the following activities:

  • Introduce funding cycle through the following six critical steps:
  • Analyzing funding gaps;
  • Analyzing funding environment/opportunities;
  • Cultivating relationship;
  • Funding solicitation;
  • Stewardship;
  • Evaluation and feedback.
  • Conduct desk research of current practices;
  • Conduct needs assessment of its staff members;
  • Based on the analysis of the needs assessment, deliver training tailored to the needs of the staff on the use of effective fundraising tools and methodology to effectively plan, implement and manage fundraising campaigns;
  • Considering best international practices, elaborate policies and procedures for MAC Georgia’s fundraising activities;
  • Develop a long-term fundraising strategy and a detailed on-year fundraising action plan, with the recommendations on introducing the fundraising campaigns/schemes into MAC Georgia’s operational practice;
  • Assist MAC Georgia in organizing a fundraising campaign, based on following core pillars needs of MAC: knowing the prospects, communicating requests, and building and strengthening relationships.