Improving Legislative Framework for Effective Civilian Oversight over Security Sector in Georgia

Project Client

Parliament of Georgia;



Origin Of Funding

European Commission;

Start Date


End Date




Project Description:


PMCG, as part of a consortium led by B & S Europe, is working on a European Commission project of which the overall objective is to improve parliamentary oversight of the security sector and to increase transparency, by ensuring proper monitoring of defence and security agencies and improving the relevant legislation. The specific purpose of this activity is to introduce new methodologies and best practices that strengthen the legislative and oversight activities of the Parliament in relation to defence and security agencies, including by increasing the professional skills of parliamentary committees, staff and the Group of Trust. PMCG is working on the following six components:

  • Codified military legislation
  • Enhancing capacity of the respective parliamentary committees and staff and the Group of Trust for the efficient oversight of the defence and security sector
  • Enhancing financial-budgetary parliamentary oversight and monitoring of defence and security budgets as well as procurement monitoring tools
  • Strengthening analytical capacities of the staff of the relevant parliamentary committees
  • Improving monitoring capacities for cases of human rights violations, with specific attention paid to gender sensitivities
  • Improving communication


Project Background:

The EU is the leading donor in the justice sector in Georgia in general. An amount of EUR 30 million in total was disbursed into the Georgian Treasury since 2009 in the framework of two budget sector programmes (BSPs) for criminal justice reforms. The EU is supporting Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia (Phase II – 2016-2018). The aim of the program is to establish the Georgian Parliament as a credible institution with an essentially greater role in national policymaking and European integration, contributing to improve the checks and balances system in the country. The program is expected to improve the effectiveness of the Parliament, strengthen its policymaking and oversight capacities and enhance its role in the European integration process.