Identification and Research of Competitive Sectors in Batumi for the “Elaboration of Spatial Development and Development Management Documentation for Batumi City Municipality” Project

Project Client

City Institute of Georgia;



Origin Of Funding

Batumi Municipality City Hall;

Start Date


End Date




PMCG together with PMC Research Center (PMC RC) is implementing a project entitled “Elaboration of Spatial Development and Development Management Documentation for Batumi City Municipality.”

The proposed solutions should cover the planning of new developments, maintaining historical values and cultural heritage, the rehabilitation and reconstruction of degraded areas, and the interconnection of various parts of the city.

In the course of this project, PMC RC will identify and study the most competitive sectors in Adjara region and in the city of Batumi. More specifically, we will produce the following documents:

  1. Economic Component of the Spatial Plan: This will assess the competitiveness of economic sectors at the regional level, analyze the most competitive economic sectors, present the allocation of the respective components of the “Produce in Georgia” state program to various sectors in Adjara, analyze competitive economic sectors of particular municipalities, review cross-border economic regions, and present international and local experiences regarding free industrial zones.
  2. Economic Component of the General Plan: This will unveil the most competitive economic sectors of Batumi Municipality, including in-depth analysis of those sectors, assessments of their competitiveness in Georgia and beyond, the development of SWOT analysis, a presentation of their development prospects, and recommendations for their medium- and long-term development.