Georgia: Bakuriani Municipal Services Project – Inclusion & Gender Consultancy

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The overall objective of the project is to support the newly-established Bakuriani Municipal Services Company to create better access to employment and related training opportunities for female candidates and staff, to develop internal human resources (HR) policies that promote equal opportunities, and to recruit female candidates to the company in all positions, particularly drivers.

The specific objectives of this project are to: 

  • Support the company in further developing and implementing HR policies and practices to recruit, retain, and promote women within their workforce, and ensure that women are well represented in these traditionally male-dominated jobs and have access to decision-making positions;
  • Provide recommendations on specific actions related to HR, health and safety practices, and corporate culture that are appropriate to improve the gender balance in the company;
  • Support the company in introducing these recommendations in its policies and practices and provide capacity-building training for relevant staff to maximize the potential long-term systemic benefits of the project;
  • Collaborate with a selected local training center to provide training and appropriate support to enable women to become licensed drivers, leading to their employment in the company; 
  • Advocate for women drivers and attract women candidates to the company by conducting communication campaigns that promote women in these roles as well as leadership roles; and  
  • Support the company to sign up to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and become one of the leading companies in Georgia with regard to gender equality.