Facility for the Implementation of the Association Agreement in Georgia

Project Client

Ministry of Economy, Minister’s Office of European Integration;



Origin Of Funding

European Commission;

Start Date


End Date




Project Description:


The project by European Commission (EC) and implemented by PMCG, together with IBF International Consulting, will assist the Government of Georgia (GoG) to deepen its integration with the European Union in line with the priorities set out in the Association Agreement (AA) and in the Association Agenda.

The overall aim of the project is to support the GoG in the implementation of the Association Agreement, more specifically by focusing on the priorities outlined in the Association Agenda. Complementing sectorial supports, it will be demand-driven and will focus on building the capacity of the line ministries to implement the Association Agreement including the DCFTA and the Visa Liberalization Action Plan. This will include specific support to the institutional and legal approximation processes that will be necessary in order to implement these agreements.

The project will work in close cooperation with the Government Commission on EU Integration (GCEUI), Office of the State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration (OSMEEAI), Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MoESD), Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Administration of the Government (notably the Political Analysis, Strategic Planning and Coordination Department – PMO) in order to provide all essential recommendations and support to enable the Government fully comprehend the EU approximation requirements and effectively carry out the process.

The project team will provide efficient and effective assistance to the GoG and provide support for the coordination, monitoring and reporting of the implementation of the AA, including DCFTA and VLAP, will be actively involved in the institutional reform and legal approximation processes. Moreover, the team will work on the implementation of EU-GE communication strategy and visibility.

The consortium implementing the Project is comprised of PMCG, IBF International Consulting (Belgium), AESA (Belgium) and IRZ (Germany). The Project will provide following services:

  • Provide support for the coordination, monitoring and reporting of the implementation of the AA, including DCFTA and VLAP
  • Assist in building the capacities of policy and strategic planning units and other relevant departments within the key institutions, through “on-the-job” training of civil servants involved in the process
  • Assist in the strengthening of the planning and coordination of external assistance
  • Assist in the development of an Annual National Action Plan of implementation of the AA and the Association Agenda including legal approximation aligned to the priorities outlined in the Association Agenda
  • Assist in the establishment and implementation of efficient legal approximation process
  • Assist in the legal approximation and institutional reform processes
  • Assist relevant government bodies in enhancing their partnership with EU institutions and programmes
  • Enhance the capacities of the coordinating structures, line ministries and other public institutions that participate in the approximation processes
  • Enhance the OSMEEAI capacity’s for the planning, coordination and implementation of the communication strategy
  • Assist OSMEEAI and line ministries with the implementation of the short and medium term actions envisaged in the communication strategy
  • Enhance the capacity of the line ministers, on demand-driven basis, for planning and implementing and reporting on the communication strategy
  • Assess the needs and provide targeted policy support and training in communication to line ministries in relation with the implementation of the strategy and related action plans

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