Everyday Peace in Conflict-affected Communities

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UK - Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM), public awareness component co-funded by Heinrich Boell Foundation;

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This is a research initiative that gathers researchers and practitioners from both sides of dividing lines to explore local needs and perceptions of everyday peace in conflict-affected communities by employing an innovative Everyday Peace Indicators (EPI) methodology.

Through a unique partnership of local researchers, PMC Research and the storytelling platform INDIGO, the project aims to explore and strengthen local capacities for peace, to create a credible research base for advocating the practicality of peacebuilding, and to contribute to confidence-building in Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-South Ossetian contexts.

For this purpose, the project combines the following capacity-building and advocacy activities:

  • Conducting EPI research in seven project sites, with the active engagement of local communities with a focus on the participation of women;
  • Producing an evidence-based EPI research report, including a unique set of community-sourced qualitative indicators for designing and evaluating peace efforts;
  • Building the capacity of local researchers and practitioners through training on EPI methodology;
  • Producing the INDIGO special issue featuring “Everyday Peace Indicators” and “Practicality of Peacebuilding”; and
  • Organizing everyday peace advocacy meetings.