Development of Performance Solutions Package for Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE)

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Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE);



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The project aims to develop a performance solutions package for the Georgian State Electrosystem. In particular, its specific objectives are to institutionalize a performance planning and management approach, and to introduce a performance-driven organizational approach to project management at the GSE.

PMCG is working with the GSE to develop a mid-term strategic plan. Moreover, the project team is integrating a management planning system in the areas of operational management, technical management, financial management, and HR management.

The services being provided by PMCG include:

  • Developing a strategic plan;
  • Aligning the GSE’s strategic objectives with its corporate mission;
  • Completing a thorough analysis of socio-economic, political, legal, technological, or environmental factors significant to the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives;
  • Defining corporate operational procedures (COPs);
  • Building a feasible operational plan;
  • Developing a performance-monitoring system to enable the GSE to track and measure the progress made;
  • Supporting the GSE in implementing strategic and action plans, and corporate operational procedures;
  • Providing advice and coaching on the performance management system; and
  • Delivering project management training workshops.

This project is implemented as part of a consortium led by Chemonics International.