Development of an Employability Study of the Georgian Agricultural Sector

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The objective of the project is to develop a policy document offering a general overview of the labor market in Georgian agriculture, including anticipated developments. To achieve this, PMCG is conducting an analysis of existing trends, opportunities, and challenges in the agricultural labor market in Georgia, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative analytical reports. Moreover, the project team is employing a range of data collection and information-gathering techniques to conduct the necessary analysis.

In particular, PMCG is engaged in the following activities:

  • Desk Research. PMCG is conducting an analysis of Georgia’s agricultural labor market, exploring the supply and demand of skills, systems, stakeholders and policies. This involves reviewing employment data, trends, and existing studies by partner organizations and government sources. Furthermore, in-depth interviews are conducted with ministries and stakeholders to map existing support programs and understand the impact they have on job creation and relevant challenges;
  • Job Category Classification. PMCG is finalizing job classifications for temporary and permanent jobs in agriculture to facilitate a quantitative survey of students and food business operators (FBOs). The classifications are discussed and agreed upon with FAO representatives;  
  • Identification of Educational Institutions and Capacity Development Programs. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, PMCG is identifying and analyzing existing agricultural educational programs in higher and vocational education. Furthermore, meetings are being held with educational institution representatives to understand their perspectives and expectations with respect to agricultural labor market development;
  • Focus Group Discussions with Georgian Youth. PMCG is conducting focus group discussions with Georgian youth (aged 16-25) to gauge their perceptions of professional opportunities in agriculture, and to pick out factors triggering their interest in an agricultural career;
  • Survey of Young Agriculture Graduates. PMCG is performing an online survey, targeting a minimum of 200 agriculture students from various universities, with the collected data being analyzed by the PMCG survey team accordingly. The questionnaire content is being developed in collaboration with the FAO, drawing on relevant international experience;
  • Survey with Food Business Operators (FBOs). PMCG is surveying companies engaged in agricultural and food item production, processing, transportation, and distribution. The survey aims to understand their recruitment requirements, challenges, and future expectations for each job category;
  • Analysis of the Legal Framework and Support Environment. PMCG’s legal consultant is analyzing Georgia’s legal framework and the extent to which it aligns with EU labor laws and directives outlined in the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. The aim of doing so is to identify capacity needs for the implementation of supportive policies; and
  • Conclusions and Recommendations. PMCG is conducting qualitative and quantitative studies, resulting in a comprehensive report on the agricultural labor market in Georgia. Based on international best practices and taking the local context into account, the project team is developing practical recommendations to improve educational programs and encourage Georgian youth to pursue careers in agriculture. These findings are contextualized within existing support policies, development programs, and Ministry of Labor forecasts.